The New Standard Biscuit Tue 8/19/2003 15:40
It's here! The new WELL CD is finally available. Released on Lunch Records
has released the new CD and you can buy it from them right now for just $8.00. click here
to buy it.

Wanna hear it before you buy it? Click here
to listen to the entire album right now. -Jeff

1 . From: Patrick Unregistered
Date: Tue 12/16/2003 15:50
Comment: Great album. Was in Boston the other day and walked into Newbury Comics and nearly fainted when the next thing I knew I was walking out with this goodie. It is so unbelievably awesome! If you haven't heard it listen to the preview, and if you like the preview go out and buy it! Great job on the album you guys and girls! Keep on playing live shows!!!

2 . From: carl Unregistered
Date: Tue 12/23/2003 11:34
Comment: Lordy lordy lord. You guys have made some band that thought they had secured a spot in my year's top 10 mad because they'be been bumped. This album is astoundingly good.

Please come play The Plan again soon.

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